Some Thoughts on Media and Media Consumption

Media Bias

  1. They sometimes use more negative terms to talk about one side and more neutral terms for the other. For example, this morning I was listening to a Reuters thing on my Alexa and it said something like, “In an uncharacteristically sensitive moment, Trump did something…” This sounds negative, and is probably an unnecessary adjective. However, it’s also accurate. He can be downright cruel to people and even his supports say that about him — “I didn’t elect him to be nice, I elected him to get stuff done — No more bullshit, Trump 2020” or “I know he’s an asshole, but he’s just saying what we’re all thinking (I’m not thinking that).” These are common refrains from Trump supporters.
  2. If given the choice between a positive Trump story or a negative one, they might give the negative one a higher spot on the page or they might talk about the negative aspects of the story before the positive ones in the copy. For Biden, they might put the positive story higher and lead with the positive. In both instances factual news is being reported, but editorial choices show a slight bias of the reporter/editor.

Media Consumption

  1. WaPo does discuss it in their factcheck of the town halls: — They’re probably not the only ones, but I’m not looking at every site.
  2. They MSM didn’t really say much about Trump’s comment about the sheriff of Portland endorsing him even though that’s not an actual position and the county sheriff said he doesn’t and won’t endorse Trump. These are very similar gaffes. The MSM treated them both as tiny blips. The right-wing media is only stressing one of them.

But back to the media bias…

Hunter Biden

Blocking the NYP story

Ben Shapiro

Anonymous sources

Final Thoughts



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